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Photoshoot for the Metro!

This morning I got a call from a reporter at the Metro, who is doing a story on Her Campus!  He interviewed us for it over the phone and then asked if a photographer could stop by today to take a picture of us for it!

At 1:15, the photographer Nathan showed up at our office for the photoshoot.  His photos are AMAZING- you can check them out at nathanfriedlipskiphoto.com.  He took a bunch of photos of us in our office and it was a lot of fun!

If you’re in the Boston area, check out the Metro newspaper for an article on us some time in the next couple days, and for now, here are a few “behind the scenes” shots from the photoshoot!

Stephanie is co-founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Media, which she co-founded in 2009 as an undergrad at Harvard.
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