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Our Ultimate College Guy Survey! Guys can win awesome prizes!

Hey HCers!

This might come as no surprise, but our Real Live College Guy column is one of the most popular features on our site.  You submit TONS of questions for guys to answer, and TONS of you read our RLCG’s responses.  Clearly, collegiettes™ want to understand what’s going on inside guys’ heads!

So, we thought we’d make it a little easier for you to get that inside scoop, while helping out the college guys we love at the same time.  So we launched Her Campus’s Ultimate College Guy Survey – a juicy survey made up of all kinds of questions girls are dying to know the answers to, from dating to love to sex to manscaping (yup, we went there).

When a guy fills it out, he’ll be entered to win all of the following prizes: $100 cash (!!!), a case of healthy potato chips, and a Jack Wills sweatshirt.  Plus, filling it out is an awesome way to procrastinate during finals!

Her Campus’s Ultimate College Guy Survey: WWW.HERCAMPUS.COM/GUYSURVEY

So girls- PLEASE send all of your guy friends on over to take our survey.  We want as many guys to fill it out as possible so we can get super amazing data from it, that we’ll then share with all of you!  Trust me, these results are going to be a goldmine!!

HC Love,

Stephanie is co-founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Media, which she co-founded in 2009 as an undergrad at Harvard.
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