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Model Behavior: The Make Up of Modern Men and Women

Today’s American woman has taken on a new look. The “MRS. degree” is a thing of the past, and the going trend is women who are SAS—successful, attractive singles.

With women now earning nearly 60 percent of all bachelor’s degrees, we can essentially make a living for ourselves, minus a man. And that’s exactly what more women are doing. They’re choosing the single life in favor of their careers.

In the July/August issue of Atlantic magazine, Hanna Rosin’s cover story The End of Men all but poses the question—who needs ‘em anyways?

Artificial baby-making was a hot topic on the big screen this year with “The Back-Up Plan,” “The Switch” and “The Kids Are All Right”. The three rom-com films made it perfectly clear that women don’t need to marry a man to have a baby.

But not all women are baby-crazed time bombs waiting for their biological clocks to explode. Some women simply don’t want children. They’re the ones who can truly get by sans men.

Nowadays, a woman can have children without getting married and get married without having children.

Women are the social trendsetters of our time, leading the way through a social landscape never seen before—often making rules up as we go.

We don’t have to look to men for our model of success anymore. At the going rate, men might start looking to women. The recession has reportedly hit men where it hurts, putting many out of a job. We’ve got a “mancession” on our hands.

If a man wants to make it in the “marriage market” and beyond, he better have something more to offer to women and society than a steady income. The SAS woman doesn’t have to rely on him for social status or financial stability.

She can do that herself.

Her new look requires a new kind of man. Masculinity needs a makeover.

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