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Meeting the CEO of Zappos + speaking to high-schoolers

Earlier this week, we went to a special networking event and book signing with Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos!  Zappos.com is an amazing online shopping site that I have ordered lots of shoes from- up until recently they guaranteed one-day shipping, which was pretty incredible.

We met some interesting people at the event, snacked on Pop Chips (Annie and my new obsession) and pizza, and got to meet the Zappos CEO (and got signed copies of his book, “Delivering Happiness”)- here we are with him below!  Windsor already started reading the book and said it is great and really funny so far.  It’s on my reading list too but I haven’t gotten to start it yet.

Then last Friday, I spoke on the Business & Entrepreneurship panel at Newton South High School as part of the school’s schoolwide “This I Believe” event.  All of the students had read a book over the summer called “This I Believe”, and then the school brought it to life by inviting different people from Newton (my hometown) to speak on different panels about core beliefs that they have and how these beliefs have influenced their path in X (whatever panel you were on- in my case business & entrepreneurship).  My belief was “when one door closes another door opens.”  At the end of the event, they gave me a Newton South mug!   I went to high school at Newton North, not Newton South, so it felt a little funny to have a Newton South mug!  Insider fact: Newton North and Newton South are actually not rivals- Newton North and Brookline High School are rivals.  So it was ok for me to speak at Newton South :)

Here I am in the office after getting back from Newton South, with my new mug.

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