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Meet Philip the Unlucky Jester. And get pumped for HC tees!

Hey HC readers! I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my life and what I love — art and design. Follow my posts and see what’s going on in my imagination. Sometimes I’ll even scan a page from my sketchbook!

At Harvard I’m majoring in Visual and Environmental Studies (it means “fine arts”) and this semester I’m taking two studio courses: one in animation, and one in watercolor. As I picked classes, what I really wanted to do was animate watercolor……we’ll see how proficient I get in those mediums and hopefully I’ll share something pretty with you at the end of this semester!

Here’s a peek at a character puppet I’ll be animating this week using a stop-motion technique: “Philip the Unlucky Jester.”

He’s made of construction paper, has movable joints, and lives in a beautiful castle where he entertains the court. Funny story: I plopped down at Lamont, one of Harvard’s libraries, and literally pulled out the scissors and glue and made this fellow in the middle of this ultra quiet, ultra studious atmosphere! Wish you could have seen the at once envious and amused expressions of my classmates who had nothing better to do than work on difficult problem sets…while I merrily did my arts and crafts (yay)! Stay tuned for the completed animation next week!

ALSO (to tie this post back to Her Campus) I’ve recently been thinking of making some Her Campus T-SHIRTS! I’d like to design some cute, well-fitting tees with glittery text and punchy graphics. Think Moschino meets Abercrombie. So look out for an opportunity to score a free Her Campus t-shirt in the near future…(we might even launch an entire Her Campus Shop on our website — how fun)!

Leave a comment if you’re feeling particularly inspired by the idea of Her Campus t-shirts and want to see something in particular in the designs! HC LOVE