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Keystone Light Rent contest
Keystone Light

Keystone Light Is Going To Pay A Month’s Rent For 25 People – Will You Be One Of Them?

In the midst of one of the most stressful times in recent history, Keystone Light is trying to take some financial burden off of 25 lucky people. For the second year, they’re hosting a giveaway to help foot the cost of rent for the month of July with a $1,250 cash prize, or the average monthly rent across the country, for each winner. Let me tell you, all my fingers and toes are crossed right now. 

Residents in eligible states (unfortunately Alabama, Indiana, Maryland, Maine, Vermont, and West Virginia are excluded due to local restrictions) can enter through Friday, June 12 at 12:00pm CT, with winners randomly selected and notified towards the end of June. You must also be of legal drinking age to enter, but beyond that all you need to do is provide your contact information and enter the keyword, KEYSTONE – no purchase necessary!

To view the official rules, you can click here.

Elizabeth Karpen

Columbia Barnard '22

Lizzie Karpen is a junior at Barnard College, the most fuego of women’s colleges, studying Political Science and English with a concentration in Film. To argue with her very unpopular opinions, send her a message at [email protected] or @lizziekarpen on Instagram and Twitter.
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