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K to the A to the P-P-A, A to the L to the P-H-A, T to the H to the E-T-A, GO THETA!

Last Saturday, the Zeta Xi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta (my beloved sorority) got 38 new babies! (For those of you not involved in Greek life, a “baby” is a newly welcomed member of the sorority).
Because I’m on the Panhellenic Council at Harvard I had to disaffiliate during rush, meaning that I couldn’t attend any of the events or tell anyone which sorority I belonged to! On Saturday, I was finally able to reveal myself as a Theta and join my sisters.

Right before I was able to re-join my sisters!

Kathryn Hennigan, our Her Campus Social Media Intern, with an awesome Theta sign!

Our shirts were SO CUTE. On the first day of rush, everyone wore “THINK THETA” shirts.

On Bid Day (the day where all of the babies find out which sorority they’ve been accepted into), we wore shirts that said “THOUGHT THETA!” So cute.
(This is Hilary May – one of our HC Writers!)

Here are some pictures of my new sisters! They’re awesome. I couldn’t be happier!

Me with Liz Ahern, one of our Harvard Campus Correspondents.

If you want cute shirts like ours, order them from Explosion Sportswear! That’s where we got our Theta shirts and our Her Campus shirts! In addition, if you use the code “hercampus” at check out, you get $100 off your first order!

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