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Interview With Lauren Gottlieb From SYTYCD and Glee!

I recently had the chance to interview Lauren Gottlieb, a So You Think You Can Dance dancer and aspiring actress. She was so sweet. I loved chatting with her! Read on to hear what she had to say!

Her Campus: How did you get involved with dance?
Lauren Gottlieb: I was seven. I had grown up with two brothers; I was a tomboy and played sports. My mom saw that the girls I was hanging out with were all dancers, so she enrolled me in a dance class. I tried it and actually hated it. I was seven and everyone else started when they were three, so I thought they were so much better than me. I wanted to quit, but my mom sort of forced me into it until my first recital. When I got up on stage, it just clicked.

HC: What’s your favorite genre of dance?
LG: I’m kind of a mixture between contemporary and hip-hop, but I’m addicted to other things – breakdancing, ballet, Broadway. I try to put a little influence of everything into what I do.

HC: Tell me about So You Think You Can Dance All-Stars?
LG: [The All-Stars] all were on different seasons. [The show] was one of the greatest experiences of my life. My favorite part of [of being an all-star] is working with my partner and teaching him how to move. There’s this whole teaching aspect of it that I thrived off of.

HC: So, the pressure was more on teaching, rather than on performing?
LG: There’s just a different energy. It’s cool because you’re not necessarily doing it for yourself. With each partner that I had, I think about what they were told the week before [by the judges]. For me, it was all about bringing out their potential. It’s all about making the moment just about my partner and I so we honestly feel like the only two people in the room. You can’t fake anything like that.

HC: Do you have any advice for aspiring dancers?
LG: If you want to move forward in the industry – just like any other job – you have to wait your turn, pay your dues, work your way up, meet the right people. It all takes time, but there’s something out there for everybody. If there’s something you want to do, you just have to keep perfecting your craft and be dedicated and passionate about it and it will happen.

HC: My latest TV obsession is Make It Or Break It, so it was really cool to see that you had a role. What was that like?
LG: Oh, it was so much fun! It was one of the best experiences – the cast and the crew were so nice. I was such a goofball on set because I was so excited that I got to choreograph, dance, and act. I got to do everything I love. I definitely want to pursue acting, so it was a great start for me.

HC: You were also involved in Glee. What’s it like on set? Does the cast break into song all the time or is that just on screen?
LG: [laughs] Glee is hilarious. When I get a call from my agent that I’m booked for an episode of Glee for Vocal Adrenaline, it’s the most exciting thing. Everyone is so fun to work with. The choreographer is hysterical. You’re seriously laughing the whole time. I have no idea how he puts together the whole season of dancing because we just laugh the whole time. The cast is amazing. They’re super down-to-earth and just such generous people. They’re so talented.

HC: Will you be back for season two?
LG: I think so.

HC: What’s your favorite on-screen moment?
LG: I would say So You Think You Can Dance because we put so much of ourselves into it. We put our whole heart into it. My favorite moment was during Season 3 when I did a Transformers-inspired dance with Pasha.

HC: Do you have any other projects coming up?
LG: Glee’s about to start up, I’m very excited about that. I’m also a teacher. I teach for a dance convention that travels around the country. I also travel to different studios.

HC: You made it big in the entertainment world. Has it finally sunk in?
LG: I don’t know if I’ve made it. As a performer, you’re always auditioning and you’re always trying to do your best. You’re always trying to succeed. I feel like I’m still doing what I do and hoping good things come.

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(Photo Credit: Lee Cherry)

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