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Intern Chrissy’s first day!

Today was our intern Chrissy‘s first day with us, and Windsor and my first real day back in the office!  We had both been working from home since graduation but are now back in Cambridge.

Chrissy is AWESOME and we are SO excited to be working with her!  It was a full, busy day for her today and we had a lot of fun projects going on in the office!

This morning, Chrissy helped us to film a promotional video:

Then we ate lunch outside in the gorgeous weather.  When we got back from lunch, Chrissy had mail!  Some beauty products had arrived that Chrissy had ordered that we’re considering for coverage on the site.

Later this afternoon she worked on sending product giveaways out to some of our winners!

Chrissy is also working on expanding HC’s beauty content, as well as recruiting Campus Correspondents to launch new My Campus branches (interested?  Learn more here).  Then at the end of the day we went out for Berryline (using our Kango gift certificates, of course)- yum!

We’re so excited to have Chrissy working with us!

Stephanie is co-founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Media, which she co-founded in 2009 as an undergrad at Harvard.