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8 Reasons Why These Influencers Send Cards

One of my friends recently moved to a new city, so I sent her a card in the mail to remind her I care, even from hundreds of miles away. There’s something about receiving a handwritten card that just feels special — it’s a meaningful gesture that can really go a long way, and Hallmark makes sending a card simple and fun. 

Now more than ever, it’s important to remind the people in your life that you care! Whether they’re going through a happy time or a difficult one, your words can have an impact — and sending a handwritten card is a small act of kindness they’ll never forget. Here are eight reasons why our community is sending cards these days, and they just may provide a boost of inspiration for you to brighten someone’s day, too.

For the loved one who’s far away

“I think we all know that loved ones aren’t always able to be physically close to us!” says Arabella. “That’s why I found it more important than ever to send people more spontaneous ‘I love you’s and ‘I miss you’s than ever before.” I couldn’t agree more. Being far apart from friends and family can be tough, but a handwritten card can remind them you care.

To let them know you’re proud

“I have friends all over the country doing amazing things in their careers, families, and life in general,” says Rachel. “So I’m committing to sending them cards to let them know just how proud of them I am, and to encourage them to keep going!” TBH, I love this reason for sending cards — who doesn’t love feeling celebrated?!

To give helpful words of affirmation

As someone whose love language is “words of affirmation,” I love Molly Kate’s reason for sending a card to friends. “Is anyone else’s love language words of affirmation?” she says. “One of my favorite things in the whole world is finding a beautiful card and knowing exactly who I want to send it to!”

Simply to check in

“Living through a pandemic has been the craziest thing to experience, and it has definitely taken a toll on everyone around us,” says Yalon, who always wants to remind her loved ones that she cares. “It’s always good to check in, show that you’re thinking of them, give words of encouragement, or simply show appreciation. You can do that using Hallmark cards — it’s the perfect way to be thoughtful and show someone you care.”

To show gratitude

Sending a card is one of my favorite ways to show my appreciation, whether it’s to a supportive friend or a mentor who has made a difference in my life. “I am writing cards to send a little love and gratitude this week,” says Bailey. “Hallmark makes sending thoughtful cards that will brighten someone’s day easy. I am obsessed with their adorable designs and cute messages!”

To make someone smile

“Since I was a little girl, I have always LOVED sending cards to friends and family,” says Brittainy. “There is nothing like knowing you made someone smile just by writing kind words.” I couldn’t agree more and love how Brittainy picked out the You Are Essential To Me card for her loved ones!

For a boost of encouragement

“I’m lucky to have a friend that makes even going through the hard stuff just a little better!” says Kelsey, who wants to thank her friend for always being there. “Sending you a little encouragement this week with this Hallmark card.” I love this sweet gesture and the adorable friendship card Kelsey chose (you can find it here)!

Just because 

“It’s the simple things that make me smile!” says Rhylae. “Writing cards to friends and family just because is one of my favorite things to do. These cards are going out to my sister, mom, and best friends as a reminder that they have my love, support, and appreciation!”

Words can have such an amazing impact on others during a difficult time or even a happy one. Writing and sending a card can give your friends and family something to keep, cherish, and look back on whenever they need some encouragement. Check out Hallmark’s amazing assortment of cards, from friendship-themed to this adorable one which is perfect for Women’s History Month. Regardless of which card you send, you’ll be sure to brighten someone’s day and remind them you care!

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