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How These Influencers Are Celebrating Every Moment


It’s always pretty spectacular when you take a second to think about your life, and about how many moments you’ve had. There are moments that have made you laugh, and the moments that have made you grateful. There are moments that have helped you grow, moments that you’ll never forget, moments that made you who you are today, and so many more.

Last year, there were more than a few challenging times, which makes it even more important to celebrate each of the beautiful experiences that you and your loved ones share this year and beyond.

Thankfully, Hallmark understands that we should be recognizing each other’s wins and happy times, and acknowledging that we’re there to lift each other up during the not-so-happy ones.

The only thing more special than receiving a handwritten card from someone you love is sending one back.

Celebrate every moment with your friends and family, no matter how small, and check out how our influencers are using their favorite Hallmark cards to spread the love.

@lilthoughtswithjen has picked up her Hallmark cards and is ready to send them out as midweek pick-me-ups to her BFFs!

@styldgrace knows how important it is to be a cheerleader for her friends – which is exactly why she’s writing a Hallmark card to celebrate her BFFs promotion!

@heyraychh has many long-distance friends, but is still always there to help celebrate their wins, thanks to Hallmark!

@beautifuldetour knows that there’s nothing quite like getting a heartfelt, handwritten Hallmark card in the mail from a loved one and proudly displaying it on your refrigerator to remember it for many future moments.

@smileyrhylae loves sending Hallmark cards to surprise her friends and family with a pick-me-up!

Feeling inspired? Send a card to a friend to cheer them on or just for fun!

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