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How to Impress Potential Employers When You Can’t Meet Them In Person

Now that it’s almost the new year, recruiting season for new jobs is in full swing. Whether you are looking for a job ASAP or pre-planning for summer 2021, you’re undoubtedly wondering what the job hunt is going to be like with almost everything happening online.

No need to fret! Even though it might seem daunting that you won’t be able to meet face-to-face with future employers just yet, there are some seriously awesome upsides that you can use to your advantage to make an amazing impression. Here are a few of the best tips to stand out to an employer while staying at home.

Polish up your LinkedIn account

In 2020, it’s safe to say that LinkedIn is the go-to way to start off a job hunt on the right foot. With this in mind, giving your LinkedIn profile a quick update to present yourself in the best way possible is crucial before reaching out to employers.

Some of the best ways to glow-up your LinkedIn profile include taking a fresh new profile picture wearing your favourite business casual outfit, making sure you have updated all of your job experience with brief descriptions, and adding any connections you have been meaning to follow up with!

Remember to send a post-Zoom thank you note

A thank you note will never fail to impress an employer while also reinforcing your interest in the job. Now more than ever, small gestures like sending a thank you note via email after a Zoom interview can do wonders in terms of standing out from the crowd.

Before the interview starts, set an alert on your phone to remind you to send the note. What to include? Always thank your interviewer for their time, reinforce your interest in the job, and try to mention something that resonated with you during your conversation to show your thoughtfulness.

Important reminder: always ask your interviewer the best point of contact to email in case you have any questions so you can be sure to address the note to the right person!

Use the time at home to ease your pre-interview anxiety

What better way to take advantage of being at home than using your at-home surroundings to your advantage? We all get pre-interview anxiety, but rarely do we have the chance to ease it by being at home! Light your favorite candle, go over questions with family or a friend, or have a quick pick-me-up snack before your Zoom call.

Being in a comfortable environment takes some of the pressure off — you know the best lighting to sit in, you can decide the most comfortable room temperature, and if you’re living with a roommate, you can have a supportive friend waiting to hear all about it once you’re done. You’ll probably feel a little more confident at home since you’re in your element, and that confidence will shine through in your interview.

Do a social media sweep

At this point, I think we all have been told the classic saying, “The internet lasts forever.” While it might seem like you hear this too much, I can guarantee that reviewing your social media profiles to make sure your content is employer-friendly will do wonders for the first impression you’ll make. 

General rules of thumb for a “clean” social media presence include avoiding posting photos featuring drugs and alcohol and minimizing swear words or inappropriate remarks in your caption and comments. Also, make sure that there aren’t any photos on your social media that suggest you haven’t been following COVID-19 safety protocol!

Don’t be afraid to break the ice

I think we all can agree that with the job process being so far from normal, it’s a bit more anxiety-inducing to impress employers online. The upside? Your potential employer is dealing with everything being different, too! Take advantage of this common ground before or after your interview to break the ice by asking how they’ve been finding the transition to working from home, or if they prefer working online!

Perfect your email etiquitte

When it comes to making a good impression online, it’s the little things that count. Since an email is most likely to be your first point of contact with a future employer, it is super important to make sure every email counts!

Making sure to check over your grammar, addressing the email to the proper contact, as well as trying to keep your messages concise and to the point will all help in ensuring your employer notices your professionalism and enthusiasm.

With these tips, you are sure to make a lasting impression on any future employer that will totally work in your favour. Remember to tag us on Instagram @hercampus to share how you used these tips, as well as your own WFH and job hunt experiences!

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