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Her Campus is a Great Procrastination Tool!!!

If you’ve been following my Founders’ Blog posts for the past few days, you’ve learned that right now I’m working on my senior honors thesis. I am a very social person and sitting for days writing an endless paper has been very difficult for me.

I’ve been taking breaks while writing to browse online (aka shopping with no money), to write Founders’ Blog posts, and to read Her Campus! I’ve also been answering all of the urtak questions in the far-right column near the middle of the page. They’re kind of addictive.

Here are some of my favorite HC-reads:
1.20 ways to wear a white tee!
2.Vanessa’s pictures from her African safari!!
3. Cara’s timeline of a typical college relationship!
4. Much needed straight-talk from Her Gay Best Friend.
5. How to get the magazine internship you’ve been dreaming about ever since watching the Devil Wears Prada.

What are some of your fave HC-reads?

HC Love,

P.S. Someone please tell me to focus!!!

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