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Healthy Eating Tips for Exams

Here are some healthy eating tips for your upcoming exams and studying:

1.  Eat complex carbohydrates and make sure to include protein in your meals and snacks.  This will help keep your blood sugar stable and decrease hunger while studying!

2. Eat at regular intervals to keep your energy level up.

3. Consider eating smaller meals/snacks more often.  Large meals can require a lot of energy to digest, and may make you feel sluggish afterwards.

4. Drink enough water.  Are you feeling fatigued?  Don’t assume it’s only lack of sleep!  Make sure you are staying well-hydrated, especially in the hotter weather and especially if you have been consuming more caffeine than usual.

5. Eat breakfast!  Eating breakfast is associated with improvement in memory, concentration, hand-eye coordination, and general academic performance.

6. Consider brining a snack to your exam for a boost halfway through!

7. Make time for exercise.  20-30 minutes per day can help improve sleep patterns, reduce stress, and keep you energized.

Some exam-time snack ideas!

  • banana with peanut butter
  • whole wheat toast with hummus, cottage cheese, or tuna
  • english muffin pizza (ask Zoey Orol for her expert advice)
  • cereal with milk and fruit
  • oatmeal with raisins
  • pretzels, nuts, and dried fruit
  • yogurt and granola
  • raw veggies and hummus
  • apple slices and honey

Enjoy ladies! Let me know which ones are your favorites!

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