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Emerson College wants YOU! (and your Bad Romance)

While most Boston-area colleges may have been enjoying November 11th’s day off (Veteran’s Day arrived on a Thursday this year,) the always eccentric Emerson College students rallied together and just… danced.

In anticipation of Emerson’s annual awards show The Evvy’s, students put together a lip-dub set to a medley of Lady Gaga’s greatest hits.

The video has gone viral — launched on Wednesday at midnight, the video has made its way through the Twitterverse accompanied with the hashtags #emersonlipdub and #soemerson (the latter a marketing campaign and sort of in-joke for Emerson students), and has already hit 23, 000+ views on YouTube.

What started out as a way to spread the word on the largest student-produced production in the country has quickly found itself as a sort of impromptu campaign to reach out to high school students applying to college in these next few months.

“I find out in six days if I’m in…” one commenter noted. “Everything I thought I loved about Emerson was confirmed in this video.”

Check out the video below and follow The Evvy’s on Twitter!

Lorena Mora is a student at Emerson College currently pursuing a degree in visual & media arts. Other interests include social media, passion tea lemonade, blogging, baby animals, spending the day at IKEA, baking cupcakes, and traveling the East Coast. An avid blogger, lorena has written for such publications as Em magazine, Her campus.com, Cliche Magazine and on her own movie-review blog, The Aftertaste. Lorena currently serves as President and Editor In Chief of the Her Campus Emerson branch.
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