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CONTEST CLOSED: Vonage and Her Campus are giving away a free iPad 2 to one lucky collegiette!

Guys, I can hardly contain myself…….

Her Campus and Vonage are celebrating the release of Vonage‘s snazzy new iPhone app, Time to Call, by giving away a FREE 32 GB WiFi iPad 2 to one of you lucky collegiettes™!!!!!

Before I get into the details of the giveaway, here’s a bit more info about Time to Call!  Time to Call is a new iPhone app that lets you make international calls up to 15 minutes in length via your iPhone for just $1.99 per call.  The app doesn’t use up any of your minutes since calling is just through your internet connection; you don’t have to pay for an international calling plan, and there are no contracts or other fees.

My family and I tried out the app this past weekend when I visited home.  We called my grandma, who lives in Taiwan, using Time to Call.  It was super easy to use — just a few taps on the iPhone and we had her on the line!  Here’s a video showing how Time to Call works:

And now…here’s how you can win a 32 GB iPad 2 from Vonage! (NOTE: Contest is now CLOSED. Winners have been contacted)

Imagine you’re stranded on a random foreign desert island, a la Lost.  Somehow there is Wifi on this island (I know, I know…this is a stretch, but bear with me here).  You remember Vonage’s Time to Call app and download it to your trusty iPhone.  You open the app and discover you have a free 15-minute call credit (yup, the app comes with a free call)!  Clearly, there’s no better Time to Call a loved one.  So who will it be??

  1. Upload a photo of you with your BFF/favorite “emergency contact” below to enter the giveaway. You can also tweet a picture at @HerCampus with the hashtag #timetocall to submit a photo to the contest gallery!
  2. We will moderate incoming submissions as they come in and send you a notification when your submission has been approved and added to the gallery!
  3. Then, publicize your picture like crazy (go to the full gallery of submissions and click on your picture’s thumbnail — you’ll see the full picture and the Facebook “Like” button associated with your submission)!
  4. Whoever gets the most Facebook “likes” on their picture by 11:59 pm EST August 21, 2011 will win a $700 Apple gift card, redeemable for a 32 GB iPad 2!  A second place winner will receive a $15 iTunes gift card.

Want more chances to win?  Vonage has partnered up with over 70 other sites who are also running their own iPad 2 giveaway contests!  Enter them all, here!

Good luck, and happy international dialing! :)


Contest Rules: The contest closes at 11:59pm on August 21, 2011. The contest is open to individuals located in the United States only. Winner will be contacted via email or Twitter. If no response is recieved within 48 hours of notification, another winner will be selected.

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