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In case you missed it…Google makes procrastination even more fun!

On May 21, 2010, Google celebrated the 30-year anniversary of Pacman by changing its homepage logo to a PACMAN game, complete with 256 playable levels!

That’s right — the super oldschool game we (or at least our brothers and boyfriends) used to play when we were younger!  (Side note: it was reported that office productivity absolutely tanked on the 21st, prompting many employers to temporarily block Google.  LOL.)

The doodle (what Google calls its unique logo designs used to celebrate certain occasions — see all of them here) is gone now, but ever-thoughtful Google has archived it permanently so you can play Pacman whenever you want!

Special trick: if you click “Insert Coin” twice, you enter 2-player mode, in which you and a friend can control both Pacman and Ms. Pacman!

Now that’s what we’re talkin bout ;)

Happy procrastinating,

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