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10 Career Coaches To Follow For Professional Inspo

Whether you’re a current student searching for an internship or a recent grad applying for your first job, you can never have enough career advice from people who have been in your shoes. During undergrad and graduate school, I remember wanting to soak up every professional resource possible — from my advisor’s insights at my campus career center to candid advice from college alumni who know firsthand what you’re going through.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about your professional path right now, you are not alone. The job and internship hunt can be challenging and anxiety-inducing, with job application burnout, lack of motivation, and imposter syndrome being some of the most common experiences for students and postgrads. Luckily, there are many resources out there to help you find your version of success — whether it’s changing your major to something you love or getting the courage to apply for your dream job

You shouldn’t have to face your career journey on your own. If you’re looking for digestible advice from women who have been there, scrolling through TikTok and other career-focused social media feeds can be a great place to start. Here are 10 career coaches to follow on TikTok and Instagram that will help you gain clarity, confidence, and feel inspired to embark on the professional path of your dreams.

Ashley Stahl

According to Ashley Stahl, a counterterrorism professional-turned-career coach, speaker, and author, having a great career isn’t just about a fancy job title – it’s about being genuinely happy and empowered. On her feed, you’ll find tips for how to get unstuck and push past fear – plus, on her website, you can take a free Career Path Quiz to help you determine roles that might be a good fit for you. 

Christen Nino De Guzman 

Christen Nino De Guzman is a Latina creator and career coach who formerly worked for TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. At 31 years old, she quit her cushy tech job to start a Glassdoor-like app that helps address pay disparities. On her personal Instagram (@christen), career feed (@careerchristen), and TikTok page (@chrristen), you’ll find tons of advice for breaking into tech, gaining work experiences, negotiating job offers, and more.

Dr. Lauren Cook

If you could use uplifting, tangible advice about your career, mental health, and more, psychologist and career coach Dr. Lauren Cook is the perfect person to follow. On her Instagram and TikTok accounts, she provides tangible wisdom about everything from leadership, mindfulness, and anxiety management to “finding your why” and clarifying your passion and purpose.

Jade Carson

Jade’ is a career coach and content creator who provides actionable career tips to help Gen Z succeed. Her motto is “Helping Gen Z get hired,” and on her TikTok account, Jade shares fun (and wise!) videos about resume and cover letter writing, interview prep, internships, and more.  Plus, she’s a Gen Z entrepreneur who recently graduated from Howard University and a former Her Campus writer. You love to see it. 

Sam DeMase

Sam has interviewed hundreds of job candidates, worked her way up the corporate ladder, and now, she’s helping you gain career confidence to go for your goals. From recruiter secrets to resume revamping, email etiquette, and tips for how to make more money, Sam shares a variety of tangible resources to help you level up and overcome challenges in your career. Follow her on Instagram and TikTok for fun videos and how-tos. 

Paulina Jayne Isaac

If you’re a writer, aspiring editor, content marketer, or general job seeker in the media industry, you’ll love Paulina’s career coaching services where she consults on all things magazine journalism. Paulina is a Temple University alum who has bylines in Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Bustle, Stylecaster, and more, making her a writing pro who can help you navigate the media world! Check out her platform for tips on how to make it in media, freelance writing, crafting your resume, and more. 

Jackie Cuevas 

Jackie Cuevas is an HR professional and content creator who helps jobseekers feel empowered during their career journey. Her videos cover important topics like resume writing, job applications, dealing with rejection, and fun content that only an expert HR professional could provide, like why you should submit your timecard on time. Jackie’s account is also a great resource for networking, interviews, and confidence, and as her bio says, she genuinely feels like your “friend in HR!”


According to her Instagram bio, Adunola is a career strategist who “teaches busy high-achievers to land new jobs they love” with less stress and greater confidence. Her career advice has been featured in Forbes and The New York Times, and her feed is full of fun posts and reels about job searching, setting goals, negotiation, and more. She even offers career-related freebies, so if you’re ready for a career upgrade, Adunola’s got you covered.

Sophia Amoruso 

If you haven’t heard of Sophia Amoruso, the multi-hyphenate founder, and author who was formerly at the helm of Girlboss, you should follow her ASAP. I appreciate how open she has been about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, from starting the clothing company Nasty Gal in her twenties (there’s a Netflix show about it) to dealing with failure and more. Today, she helps women start and scale businesses they’re passionate about through her platform, Business Class.

Erin McGoff

Erin is a film director, editor, and career coach with over 1.9 million followers on TikTok. On her platform, she talks about everything from freelancing to cover letter woes, workplace drama, dealing with creative burnout, and more. I love how Erin approaches career content with humor, reminding us that while the job hunt might be serious, it doesn’t mean we should be hard on ourselves.

These amazing career coaches are bound to make you feel more inspired about your career journey. Give them a follow, let us know which creators you’re keeping up with, and best of luck with all of your career endeavors. You’ve got this! 

Tianna was an Associate Editor at Her Campus Media HQ where she covers all things pop culture, entertainment, wellness, and TikTok trends. She graduated from North Carolina State University and received her masters from Columbia University. Tianna currently lives in New York City where you can find her sipping coffee, practicing yoga, and singing show tunes.
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