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Blogging 101: How to Get Readers!

I’d always thought that the hardest part of blogging was creating the blog. What platform should I use? How do I make it look professional? What widgets should I use? What in the world is HTML and CSS????

Over the past two months these are the concepts I’ve struggled with and finally conquered. Now that I finally have a custom blog template and some valuable content aren’t I done? Not even close.

After one month of weekly blog posts and hours of time I thought to myself, “Why am I only getting comments from my grandpa and sister?” That’s when I realized there is much more to having a successful blog than just blogging. I want followers! I want people to read my blog!

Since I got such great feedback from my last post So I’m a Blogger? I’ve decided to write another for all my fellow Collegiette™ bloggers with tips and tricks on how to gain readers and visitors.

1. Custom twitter account – Create a Twitter and put a Twitter widget on your blog for people to follow you. Also, always update your Twitter whenever you make a new post!
2. StumbleUpon– Have all your friends stumble and like your blog.
3. Facebook– Always put a link out to your friends whenever you make a new post. Include a link to your blog in your info box underneath your profile picture.
4. Make posts in the Google Help Forums and give advice to other bloggers as well as promoting your own.
5. Comment on other peoples’ blogs – This way you can get yourself and your blog on the radar!
6. Network with similar bloggers – This way you can have them link back to your site.
7. Join blogger networks (Independent Fashion Bloggers, BlogLovin’, 20 Something Bloggers) to connect with other bloggers.
8. Set up your blog with Google Analytics so you can see where your traffic is coming from.
9. Ask questions at the end of a post – This will entice people to comment!

Do any of you have your own blog? What ways do you promote your blog? Anyone else struggled with blogging like me? Tell me your blog publicity tricks!

Also, let me know your blog and I’d love to check it out! I’m always on the lookout for great blogs to follow ?

Follow me at www.twitter.com/pinkbeautybliss
Check out my fashion and beauty blog www.pinkbeautybliss.com (I love feedback)

Katie Manwaring (Elon '12) is a Strategic Communications major with minors in Leadership and Sociology. Katie is originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania but after college hopes to live outside New York City. While not working as Director of PR for Elon's Kernodle Center for Service Learning or tutoring local elementary students, Katie spends the majority of her time planning out the best way to accomplish her lifetime career goal, CEO of an international PR firm. Summer 2010 she hopes to intern at a PR firm in New York City and Spring 2011 she plans on studying abroad at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England. When not being completely obsessed with her future, Katie enjoys watching trashy reality TV (Real Housewives, The Hills, Keeping up with the Kardashians), eating out at least 3 nights per week, purchasing large quantities of makeup from Sephora, and staying in on Friday nights just to beat her boyfriend in a video game.
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