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Are You a Sidechick?

Maybe Twitter can help you figure it out?

Only sends you one word texts! #sidechick
U kno ur a #SideChick if u tag him in pics, n he untags himself
He calls you other chicks names.  #SideChick
If your first question when u reach him is “Why u didn’t answer yr phone” Then u a #sidechick
If he does not hold ur hand in public ur a #sidechick
If ur limited to a motel room, you’re a #sidechick !
One thing i hate is a #sidechick that thinks she’s gonna upgrade to the main thing. goodbye!

If you haven’t guessed it already, the sidechick is the girl who comes in second, sometimes third, or even a regrettable fourth to the main woman in a guy’ s life.  For further explanation, one woman even compares the sidechick situation to a car ride: 

“You have the driver, your man, you; the passenger, and HER, the chick in the backseat. In some instances both women are aware of their roles but when the side chick wants to hop in the front seat or the passenger wants to kick the backseat rider out, problems will arise.”

Clearly, the sidechick situation isn’t fair to either girl involved. Even worse, most women don’t even realize that they are a sidechick until it’s too late – they’ve fallen for a guy who treats them like the back-up plan.  Here are some helpful hints laid out by “Seriously Maybe: A Relationship Blog” to know if you’re a sidechick, because no one should take second place in a relationship.

1) His phone NEVER rings
If you’re with someone throughout the day and you never seen them reach for their phone, you’re the side chick. Who carries a phone and doesn’t receive at least one phone call or text message throughout the day. What is he hiding?

2) His phone is usually uncharged, about to die or out of service: 
If 90% of the time you call him it goes straight to voicemail, you’re the side chick.

3) He repeats himself a lot
If he repeatedly tells you what’s he’s doing this upcoming weekend or what he did this past weekend, you’re one of many side chicks. The reason a guy repeats himself is because he can’t remember who he told what to.

4) His compliments are focused around physical appearance
If the only nice things he has to say about you is centered around the way you look or your performance, you’re the sexy side chick. This guy is obviously only into you for your body.

5) Dates are never last minute
If ALL your dates are planned at least a week in advance, he has other chicks on his schedule. He probably sets aside a day just for his side chicks…

6) Dates are closer to your home/work than his
If you’ve never been out to a place that’s in the vicinity of his job or home, you’re the side chick. He never takes you to those places because he doesn’t want to risk the chance of running into someone that may know about his other chick(s).

7) He’s never disappointed angry upset when you cancel on him
If he could care less whether he sees you are not, you’re the side chick. Things come up all the time and you may have to cancel a date with him. If he is too cool about not seeing you, he definitely has someone else to occupy his time.

8) You never catch him looking at other women
If you’re with a guy and he NEVER looks at attractive women when they pass by, he can’t be trusted. He’s either on the DL or well-trained as a player. Whatever the case is, it’s not good for you.

9) He disabled his wall on his Facebook profile
If I guy doesn’t want people leaving messages on his Facebook wall, chances are that he’s hiding something, or someone. That someone could be you.

10) He keeps his home extra clean
If a guys apartment is always clean, it could mean one of two things: 1) his girlfriend cleans it for him or 2) he’s used to entertaining a lot of women, and women love a clean apartment. If you were impressed by it, chances are you’re not the only one who is.

The ten warning signs, although funny, are also extremely irritating. When did it become okay for a guy to juggle multiple girlfriends?  Not now, and quite frankly, not ever.
Let’s follow the advice of one twitter follower:

#QuestionOfTheDay: Why does #sidechick trend every week? I’m gonna need ladies to step their game up so there is no NEED for them! Dont wanna be his #sidechick, dont wanna be his #mainchick, i wanna be his #ONLYCHICK!

No one should be a sidechick or have to deal with one.  And for the guys who think a sidechick is a cool thing, we have something in store for them…


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