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Announcing our New Balance Campus Fitness Blog Winners!

This fall, Her Campus partnered up with New Balance to bring you the first ever New Balance “Fit for School” Campus Fitness Challenge.

Back in September, Her Campus went in search of girls who wanted to be fitness rock stars on HerCampus.com and boy did we find them! The six girls that we found (see their pics and bios here!) astounded us with their optimism, their drive, and their motivation. Each New Balance Campus Fitness Blogger was completely outfitted in awesome New Balance gear and competed against the other Campus Fitness Bloggers to win a year’s worth of New Balance gear (valued at up to $1200)!

Each New Balance Campus Fitness Blogger incorporated New Balance fitness tips into a 3-week comprehensive fitness program “fit” for a female college students. Each blogger completed the 3-week program while video- and photo-blogging about her fitness experience right here on HerCampus.com.

New Balance fitness expert Holly Perkins was charged with determining which of the bloggers had the most balanced, inspiring, and easy-to-follow fitness plan. This girl, the New Balance Campus Fitness Blogger 1st Place Winner will win a year’s worth of New Balance gear – valued at up to $1200!

In addition, a Readers’ Choice award will be given to the blogger with the most reader votes. This girl will win six months’ worth of New Balance gear – valued at up to $600!

Are you dying to know who won? I know we have been!

Drum roll please!

Our New Balance Campus Fitness Blogger 1st Place Winner is:

Cassidy Quinn!

Read Cassidy's Blog Here!

Here's what Holly said about why she chose Cassidy:

"...I wanted to go over every entry and video and really give these ladies my full attention.  While it was very hard for me to pick one- there were 3 that I REALLY liked- I have painfully made a decision on my first choice.

I choose CASSIDY QUINN!!!!!  Cassidy was absolutely engaging, fun, insightful, and offered so much content.  She created the most content by far of all the gals and used a great deal of video to make it extra interesting.  She was gracious and gave many "shout outs" to New Balance and really appreciated her swag.  She was very clear that her goal was to apply the suggestions I gave her, and also offer some other insights of her own.  She obviously put a ton of time into the creation of her videos, which were fun, funny, creative and crafty.  She really addressed the challenge at hand and offered some additional content.  She also incorporated Twitter a great deal- I had been following her all along. Love her."

Nice work Cassidy! You totally deserved that win!

And now, our New Balance Campus Fitness Blogger Readers' Choice winner is:

Meagan Aguayo

Read Meagan's Blog Here!

Nice work Meagan!

A HUGE congratulations Cassidy and Meagan from all of us here at Her Campus! You girls rocked it!

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