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Annie’s Picks: Things that have recently made me very happy

The title of this blog post is pretty self explanatory. These are a couple things that are making me happy right now! Also, a couple things on my wish list…..in case any of you want to make me even happier :)

Current book obsession: Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving
Had to read this for my awesome seminar called “Why We Love” – in which we debate the nature of love! Lots of good insights in this book, with which I personally resonate regarding my own theories on love. Bottom line: It’s thin and it’s been a global bestseller since 1956.

Current tech-y obsession: www.makeownringtone.com
Can you say FREE CUSTOM RINGTONES?! Like, actually free. And actually legit. Now I have custom ringtones for all my BFF’s using their favorite songs :) Bottom line: No more getting ripped off or scammed!

Current style obsession: Vintage feminine earrings
Just bought a couple pairs from various vintage stores…one on my trip to Canada, at this amazing fair trade boutique called Adorit; and one from Oona’s, a Harvard Square favorite for vintage shoppers and costume connoisseurs alike! Bottom line: Too beautiful to resist:

Current song obsession: Kanye West, Heartless
You guys all know this one, but I can’t help but put it on my list. I’m obsessed! The music video is a little too trippy for my taste, but just close your eyes and listen to the soulfulness. Yeahh. Bottom line: Kanye is dubious, but his music speaks to my soul.

And now, some things on my wishlist… :)

Cute Overload 2010 Page-a-day Calendar
I’m very moved by cute things.

Essie Nail Polish in “Bright Tights”
$4.50. Not a difficult one, guys.

Ralph Lauren, the book.
For my coffee table :)

You can send any or all of these to me at our Her Campus mailing address:
67 Mt Auburn
Cambridge, MA 02138



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