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We are SO excited to tell you about our 9 new My Campus branches that all launched TODAY! The Campus Correspondents from these nine schools have done such an amazing job putting in so much work to launch their branches, and we think they look phenomenal!

We are so excited to introduce you to our 9 new My Campus branches and each branch’s Campus Correspondent/Branch President! Click on each school to read each branch’s fabulous content!
Brandeis University, led by Abigail Katznelson (abigail@hercampus.com)
Skidmore College, led by Adriana Vetrano (adriana@hercampus.com)
SUNY Purchase, led by Susan Varghese (susan@hercampus.com)
University of California Santa Barbara, led by Elizabeth Wagmeister (elizabeth@hercampus.com)
University of Connecticut, led by Amanda Grewer (amandag@hercampus.com)
University of New Hampshire, led by Kate Kalil (katek@hercampus.com) and Briston Sullivan (briston@hercampus.com)
University of Texas at Austin, led by Bernice Chuang (bernice@hercampus.com)
Western Michigan University, led by Koty Neelis (koty@hercampus.com)
The College of William & Mary, led by Sarah Nadler (sarah@hercampus.com)

Want to launch a My Campus branch at your school? Find out how to apply
here! A My Campus branch is a section of Her Campus that features content specific to YOUR school, produced by student journalists at your school!

The excitement is just beginning! Next Tuesday, February 2, we launch 5 more My Campus branches at Bowdoin College, Emerson College, James Madison University, Syracuse University, and UMass Amherst! Stay tuned!

Congrats to our fabulous Campus Correspondents on the successful launch of their branches! We are so lucky to have you on the HC Team!

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As President and Co-Founder of Her Campus Media, Windsor is in charge of all revenue and monetization strategies. Under her watch, Her Campus has done state of the art college marketing programs for clients including Under Armour, Aussie Haircare, Neutrogena, Coke with Coffee, Bed Bath & Beyond, Hallmark, VS Pink, Ralph Lauren Fragrances, H&R Block, The Home Depot, WeWork, Grubhub and more.  Windsor is a 2010 honors graduate of Harvard College. She has also been named to Forbes 30 Under 30, BusinessWeek's 25 Under 25 Best Young Entrepreneurs, Inc. magazine's 30 Under 30 Coolest Young Entrepreneurs, Glamour magazine's 20 Amazing Young Women, and The Boston Globe's 25 Most Stylish Bostonians. She lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and two daughters. Follow Windsor on Instagram: @windsorwestern