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7 People Your Friends Turn Into After College

The transition from college to the real world can be extremely difficult, especially when it comes to maintaining relationships with friends. You’ll go months without seeing one another before suddenly realizing that everything and everyone is different, and you don’t even know how that happened! Read on to prepare yourself for the type of people your friends become after college

1. The workaholic 

This friend has an amazing job and is totally focused on making her way to the top. When she’s not working super late hours, you can find her at home with a glass of wine… still doing work. We love that she’s so career driven and ambitious, but it would it kill her to relax every once in a while? 

2. The disappearing act 

Have you seen this girl? She used hang out with you all the time and always texted her friends back, but now, you can’t even remember the last time you heard from her. This is the girl who has gone completely MIA, whether it’s due to a new job or relationship. You’ve basically done everything short of sending a carrier pigeon to track her down. 

3. The grandma

She was the life of the party. The one encouraging you to drunk text your ex. The one who never missed a night out. She now stays in every weekend with a book and glass of wine. Who is this girl? We feel like we don’t even know her anymore. 

4. The jetsetter

This girl is basically living the ‘eat, pray, love’ life. Her Insta feed is filled with photos of her world travels, and you wish the two of you could switch places for a bit. After all, you too want to ride on Vespas and eat gelato until you’re sick. 

5. The ‘go hard or go homer’

She hasn’t changed much since her college days, other than the fact that she parties even more. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is; you’ll find this girl ripping shots at the bar or dancing in the club like it’s the first week of class. You can always count on her for a good time.

6. The Med/Law/Grad student

Every time you see this girl, her face is shoved into a book and she’s usually… (ok she’s always) over-caffeinated. 

7. The marriage-obsessed

You always knew she’d be the first from your friend group to get hitched, so it’s no shocker that this friend is ready to settle down and have babies. And lots of them. 

So there you have it—say hello to your new friend group! They may seem a little different than what you remember from your college days, but life in the real world is a time for reinvention and change. At the end of the day, though, as soon as you’re back with your squad (even though it might take some effort to pull #3 out of the house!), it’ll be like nothing even changed.