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6 Scholarships You Can Apply For Right Now

Juggling full course loads, extracurricular activities, small term-time jobs, and full social calendars is what collegiettes do best. But with all of that going on, the last thing we need is money trouble. Between tuition, room and board, transportation, and course materials—a whopping $1,168, on average, for one semester of books and supplies at four-year public colleges in the 2011-12 school year (CollegeBoard)—it’s enough to make your wallet weep! Luckily for us, senior year of high school was not the last chance to land a scholarship. Here are six scholarships that you can apply for right now!

1. CastleInk Paperless Scholarship

Are you a clean, green, reusing machine? Do you have a really unique way of recycling or reusing things? With this scholarship, it’s all about how you reduce, reuse and recycle. If you make a YouTube video or tweet about your green practices, that’s a pro!
Amount: $1,000
Deadline: March 31, 2012
To Apply: Visit Here!
2. Negative Population Growth Essay Scholarship Contest
If you have any interest in population issues, whatsoever, here’s one for you. In a 500-750-word essay, explain how the projected growth of the U.S. population to 438 million in less than 40 years will negatively affect the country socially, economically and environmentally. Strapped for inspiration? Take a ride on the T (or metro, or whatever it’s called where you live) and your creative juices will be flowing in no time.
Amount: $2,500
Deadline: April 24, 2012
To Apply: Visit Here!
3. CollegeWeekLive Monthly Scholarship Contest
Another easy-peasy (but pure chance) one, all you have to do is register for CollegeWeekLive and login to their events. For every online event you attend each month, you get another shot at the scholarship!
Amount: $1,000
Deadline: February 29, March 31, etc.
To Apply: Visit Here! 

4. Weekly “Three Sentence Essay” Scholarship

 Seriously, that’s all there is to it. Just write three (or even two!) sentences about a “first” in your life (e.g., first success, first time traveling, etc.) and how that experience affected you. Every week, Zinch awards another scholarship to another smart student!
Amount: $1,000
Deadline: Rolling
To Apply: Visit Here!
5. Dreams2Scholarship Fund
Are you academically a middle-of-the-river kind of student—you’re not that kid who picks his nose all class (ew) but you’re also not the one who always has the right answer? Maybe you have to work a lot, or do a lot of extracurriculars, or team practice eats up a lot of study time. Whatever the reason is, this scholarship is for you! With a GPA minimum of 2.0 and a maximum of 3.0, you won’t be up against the kids who usually rake in all the scholarship money. Everyone has their own talents and here’s a scholarship that acknowledges that GPA just isn’t everything!
Amount: $2,000
Deadline: March 1, 2012
To Apply: Visit Here!
Requirements: 2.0 Minimum GPA, 3.0 Maximum GPA
6. Her Campus Dream Career Scholarship
We’re thrilled, here at Her Campus, to have the opportunity to help you guys be the powerful women (and men) that we know you can be! We also know how busy you are, so we’re keeping this quick and pain-free. Just tell us, in 500 characters or less, what your dream career is and what you’re doing to make it happen!
Amount: $1,000
Deadline: March 2, 2012
To Apply: Visit Here!
It comes down to this—you can’t secure a scholarship that you haven’t applied for. Even if you aren’t sure that you’ll get it, the worst that can happen is that you don’t! If you don’t even apply, that’s guaranteed to happen. So sharpen those pencils (or fire up that mouse) and go for it!

Danai Kadzere is a Human Evolutionary Biology Concentrator at Harvard College. In addition to Her Campus, she blogs at http://living-learning-eating.blogspot.com and loves acting, reading, writing, fashion, trying new things, yogurt, apples, and life. After college, she's being absolutely ridiculous and moving at NYC to be an actress or a poor writer (whichever sounds more plausible to you).