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19 Times Lauren Conrad Gave You Career Goals

It takes a real girl boss to go from reality TV star to a mega-successful woman with her own clothing lines, several books to her name and a booming website. So it’s no wonder Lauren Conrad constantly inspires our work selves. Whenever we’re feeling like giving up or questioning our general awesomeness, we can always remember these 19 times LC gave us career goals.

1. All those times she paid her dues

Lauren didn’t become a success overnight. She spent the early years of her career assisting behind-the-scenes as an intern because she was willing to actually work to get ahead.

2. When she taught us how to manage our expectations

Every opportunity won’t turn out as wonderfully as you planned. Thanks to LC we know how to be prepared for a letdown or over the moon when dreams do come true.

3. That time she provided a perfect model for what a lady is supposed to look like in the workplace

Where would we be without Lauren’s style and beauty guidance? There’s really no excuse for showing up to your job looking like you just rolled out of bed with Lauren’s selfless enclave of advice—her website and two coffee table books worth—in your arsenal.

4. When she demonstrated how to learn from your mistakes

We all cringed when LC decided to pass on a summer-long trip to Paris in her Teen Vogue days. But given a second shot, she didn’t hesitate. Remember you may not get it right the first time around, but that’s okay.

5. When she got rid of the negative energy in her life

Do we need to remind you of Heidi and the terrible ways she tried to bring Lauren down? Sometimes it’s okay to cut off a toxic friendship. You can’t let it stand in your way when you’re destined to do something great. Plus, the fact that most of LC’s co-workers double as her besties speaks volumes of how far you can go with the right friends by your side.

6. That time she inspired you to up your social media game

Life’s not fair. We’re of course speaking about the extreme jealousy we feel every time we scroll through LC’s Instagram feed, Pinterest boards and other social media. She obviously knows how vital your online presence can be to how you’re perceived professionally.

7. When she made shopping charitable

Lauren’s The Little Market, a collection of handmade items she and her BFF Hannah have curated while traveling around the world, is the excuse you need to shop ‘til you drop. You can only hope that one day your job allows you to reach such a caliber.

8. That time she built a brand all her own

We know without a doubt what LC’s brand is, whether she’s writing chick lit novels or unveiling the latest crop of dainty designs for her Kohl’s collection. She’s proof that defining your brand early on can make a huge difference in where you end up.

9. That time she emphasized you have to do something

You could stand still and let life pass you by, but that takes all the fun out of it.

10. When she shared the secret to excellent decision making

She’s got her life under control, so we think this may be the key.

11. That time she showed us nice girls don’t finish last

Lauren seems like pretty much the sweetest. And unlike other celebs who grow up in the spotlight, we’ve never seen her go through a questionable personality overhaul. See, you don’t have to be a b—tch to be the boss.

12. All those times she was the unapologetic queen of basics

While many think being basic is what makes you disappear in a crowd, it might be your biggest strength. Embrace the basicness and use it to your advantage. There’s, like, a whole troop of us after all.

13. When she killed it at her very first New York Fashion Week runway show

Beginner’s luck was pretty much a guarantee for the debut of her Kohl’s runway collection, but LC outdid herself. Thirty-seven breathtakingly feminine ensembles may have provoked us to spend our entire paycheck scooping up the majority of those can’t-live-without-them pieces.

14. When she silenced the haters who didn’t believe in her talent

Despite her accomplishments, there are people who still think Lauren is using her celebrity to phone it in. But as a beautifully relevant quote we found on her Pinterest page once said: “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.”

15. That time she helped us realize it’s never too late to start over

Lauren’s had her fair share of failures, but that didn’t stop her from taking risks and putting herself out there.

16. When she reminded you to stop and smell the peonies

Take a break, slow down and enjoy yourself. Even a busy gal like Lauren finds the time, so you should too.

17. That time she spoke nothing but the truth

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Lauren didn’t get where she is by resting on her laurels. She worked for it, and you have to, too!

18. When she proved you can have it all

With all the work stuff on her plate, who has time for a personal life? Lauren does! And it’s thriving. She and husband, William Tell, just celebrated their first wedding anniversary, and their oh-so-cute coupledom shows no signs of slowing down.

19. When she flawlessly answered that inappropriate “What’s your favorite position?” question


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