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17 Contest: Win $2000 By Not Texting While Driving

Hey HC-ers!  I wanted to let you know about an awesome contest Seventeen magazine is running right now, that we at HC fully support.  Seventeen is asking you to “turn off your phone to save your life!” – while driving that is!  They’re asking you to create a video about Seventeen’s “Two-Second Turnoff Day” and why it’s important not to drive distracted, and the winner gets a $2000 prize!  Read on for full details and visit this page to enter- the deadline is September 10!

From Seventeen:
“Taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds doubles your risk for a crash. But it also takes just two seconds to shut down your phone—and prevent an accident. We want you to put together your very best anti-distracted driving video. You have until September 10, 2010 to make the best, most creative 90-second video you can that talks about Seventeen’s Two-Second Turnoff Day on September 17 and why it’s so important to never drive distracted. After you upload the video to YouTube, send the link around to all of your friends, and enter the contest. The editors of Seventeen will select the most awesome video and the winner will receive a $2,000 prize from Discover and AAA! Remember, you’re not allowed to actually drive distracted while making this video! That means, no texting, talking, eating or horsing around while a car is in motion. Got it? Good! Now get out there and make some amazing videos!”

Go here to enter!

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