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15 Everyday Things We Need But Totally Can’t Afford

As collegiettes, we know how it feels when money is the big green giant that we so desperately want and need to hug at night – but it seems to always slip right out from underneath us with every card swipe and opening of our wallet. And it’s only after we’ve bought that thousandth lipstick or fleece item that we feel guilty. Unfortunately, it’s usually everyday items that we actually need that are the most pocket-burning! Here are 15 things we do need but can’t afford.

1. Coffee

For those days when we are on the run or just need something to help us get through those all-nighters that make us want to pass out at our desks.

2. Hulu and/or Netflix

Ahh, college usually equals no TV, except when you’re paying for it MONTHLY on your computer.

3. Phone protectors

No matter what phone you have, finding the perfect and most efficient protector is a must. Because those cracks just aren’t pretty to look at.

4. Gas

5. Curtains

6. Furniture

Cheap furniture that you’ll have to keep repairing? Or expensive furniture you can count on? Doesn’t matter—we can’t afford either.

7. Those ultra fancy, anti-allergy pillows

You will get the best, most expensive sleep of your life.

8. Moisturizer

It’s one thing finding just the right moisturizer for you, but it’s another finding one with the right price.


10. LinkedIn subscriptions

Yes, this is an everyday necessity thank you very much.

11. Cleaning supplies

12. Textbooks

13. Makeup

For those days when you need to look like you got eight hours of sleep when you really got only eight seconds.

14. Fans and heating vents

Because sometimes the college dorm thermostat just doesn’t do it for you.

15. Room decor

I don’t want to live in a dungeon.


Keana Bloomfield

Bryn Mawr '18

Keana is a News Blogger/Viral Content Writer for Her Campus, as well as a two-year High School Ambassador Advisor.  With HC since her freshman year, she often winds down by singing, reading, watching TV, admiring Beyoncé and eating, whilst also regretting not taking advantage of the precious nap times one is afforded in pre-school. 
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