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10 Summer Internships Pre-Collegiettes Can Apply For Right Now!

Looking for a great experience this summer? Finding an internship not only keeps you busy and on the go, it also gives you a head start on building your resume for college applications and future job searches. Unfortunately, most internships are only open to college students, but it definitely is possible to score an internship while in high school! Check out some of these options below; we’ve found opportunities in fashion, business, journalism, health and more.

1. Virtual Catwalk, fashion blogging internship
Location: New York, NY, but may work remotely.
Paid/Unpaid: Unpaid.
Deadline: Applications accepted on a rolling basis.
Requirements: Experience with and knowledge of social media sites and blog writing, any work at a fashion-related company (sales positions at clothing stores count!), and an awareness of fashion trends.

If you have an interest in fashion and love to write, this is a good internship for you. VirtualCatwalk.co is an online community with over 13,000 members, focused mainly on trendy shoes. They’re looking for an intern who is tech-savvy and familiar with social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Interns will be asked to scout out sites and pick the trendiest fashion pieces to write about and present to the site’s members. They will also be asked to work on marketing for the site. Click here to apply.

2. R. C. Ent, fashion design internship
Location: Chicago, IL, but may work remotely.
Paid/Unpaid: Unpaid.
Deadline: Applications accepted on a rolling basis.
Requirements: Must be able to work a minimum of two days a week, and must be a high school graduate. (Class of 2012 high school grads may apply.)

R. C. Ent is an entertainment company that focuses primarily on music, fashion, and club promotion. Interns will work closely with the company’s founder and CEO to brainstorm apparel designs. For those of you collegiettes interested in pursuing a career in fashion, this is great firsthand exposure to the design aspect of the industry! Click here for more details.

3. Delegate, web design internship
Location: Amarillo, TX, but may work remotely.
Paid/Unpaid: Unpaid.
Deadline: Applications accepted on a rolling basis.
Requirements: Must have access to Skype, strong writing skills.

If you love to write and are interested in web content and design, Delegate is looking for self-motivated interns for this summer! You’ll gain skills that will help you write quality web articles, e-books, and blogs for many different industries, and you’ll learn how to tag and gain clientele online. Click here to apply!


4. Banner Sun Health Research Institute
Location: Sun City, AZ.
Paid/Unpaid: A stipend of $125 is given per week.
Deadline: April 15, 2012
Requirements: Must be a high school senior or undergraduate student of at least 17 years of age. Students must have completed high school biology and chemistry with a grade of A, and must have maintained a minimum GPA of 3.5 for the present school year. Each student is expected to commit 36-40 hours a week.

This eight-week program is geared towards high school seniors and college students who want to pursue a career in the sciences. Their mission is to give students exposure to modern biomedical research. Each intern will spend their time working in one of the institute’s laboratories, receiving hands-on instruction in basic lab technique. Their research focuses on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Arthritis, and cardiovascular diseases. When you apply, be sure to specify which type of research you want to participate in: basic research, computational medical imaging research, or applied psychological research. Click here for more information!

5. Teen Voices
Location: Boston, MA.
Paid/Unpaid: Unpaid.
Deadline: Applications accepted on a rolling basis.
Requirements: None.

Teen Voices is a magazine that aims to educate young women and create social change through media. They publish collections of written works by real girls, sharing their thoughts and experiences through artwork, poetry, and fictional stories. Apply to be a part of their team! You can submit your own writing, or you can apply to be on their staff as an intern or volunteer. They offer positions based on areas of interest such as art, editorial, marketing, and administration. Check out the options here. Click here to find out more information and apply!

6. AGENCY Model Management, social media internship
Location: New York, NY
Paid/Unpaid: Unpaid.
Deadline: Applications accepted on a rolling basis.
Requirements: None.

AGENCY Model Management is looking for a part-time social media intern. If you have an interest in learning about the modeling industry, this is a great opportunity! Interns will be required to update all social media sites, and must be able to multi-task in a fast-paced, collaborative environment. Excellent writing, editing and interpersonal skills are a must, as are creativity and attention to detail. Click here for more information, and send your resume and cover letter to info@agencymodelsnyc.com if you’re interested!

7. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, professional work experience internship
Location: New York, NY.
Paid/Unpaid: Unpaid, but students will receive a stipend.
Deadline: TBA.
Requirements: None.

Ever year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York offers internship opportunities to high school students who are eager to explore career paths, develop professional skills, and surround themselves with art. The Met’s curriculum focuses on job preparedness, teaching you skills in office decorum and public speaking, for example. As an intern, you’ll have a mentor from a museum department according to your specific interests and background, and you’ll learn about the galleries from a contemporary teen perspective. All students are welcome to apply, but preference is given to those from the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut tri-state area. The application is not available online, but get a head start by registering your name and e-mail information here.


8. Magee-Women’s Research Institute and Foundation
Location: Pittsburgh, PA.
Paid/Unpaid: Pays minimum wage.
Deadline: March 31, 2012
Requirements: Must be able to commit 40 hours a week.

The Magee-Women’s Research Institute is looking for current high school juniors and seniors to participate in weekly scientific seminars relating to women’s and infants’ health. You’ll get to discuss biomedical science as a career with junior and senior investigators. The Institute’s goal is to inspire students to consider biomedical research as a potential career. The dates of the internship are flexible (anywhere between May and August), and are coordinated between you and the investigator to whom you’re assigned. You’ll need to write a personal statement, and send in two letters of recommendation. Click here to apply!

9. GoGo Juice
Location: Daly City, CA, but may work remotely.
Paid/Unpaid: Unpaid.
Deadline: Applications accepted on a rolling basis.
Requirements: Looking for someone with reliable phone or internet access to fill a full-time internship position.

GoGo Juice is a start-up juice manufacturer that is looking for interns to join their team! Their mission is to make healthy, all natural juices out of organic pears – no colors, preservatives, or sugars! GoGo Juice is looking for someone to help build their company; as an intern, you’ll work with their marketing department and communicate with investor relations. Check out their website , and click here to apply.

10. Her Campus, editorial internship
Location: Boston, MA
Paid/Unpaid: Unpaid.
Deadline: Applications accepted on a rolling basis.
Requirements: Interest in and experience with writing, attention to detail, creativity, ability to meet dealines.

Want to get some great exposure and gain experience in journalism? Apply online to work for Her Campus this summer! We’re looking for editorial interns who are interested in social media, writing and editing. You’ll get to work on content partnerships with high-profile publications such as Seventeen, USA Today, and The Huffington Post. Go to http://www.hercampus.com/join-hc-team and submit a cover letter, resume, and two writing clips to apply.

Lauren is a sophomore at Wellesley College majoring in Political Science and Theater Studies. She is originally from Princeton, New Jersey, and enjoys any ice cream flavor with the word "coffee" in it. When she is not writing for Her Campus or satiating her constant need to read fashion and health magazines, Lauren can be found watching the latest MARVEL film, reading restaurant reviews, dancing, singing, or expanding her itunes library. Lauren loves Russian literature, the Food Network, and Jennifer Aniston, and hopes to one day find a career that marries her passions for the entertainment, fashion, and journalism industries.
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