You'll Never Guess the Hilarious Story Behind Hailey Baldwin's First Tattoo

While model Hailey Baldwin may have 17 tattoos ranging from numbers to hidden words, they're all meaningful. For her first tattoo, though, it's safe to say that she just wanted some ink... very badly. On her Snapchat story, Baldwin shared a picture of her first tattoo on her wrist along with the story behind it.

She wrote, "This is my first tat. 1 of 17... it's my parents wedding date, figured they'd be less mad if it was an ode to them."

Honestly, she's smart - I mean, it symbolizes her parents so they couldn't have been that mad, right? It's definitely a tactic to keep in mind if you're planning on getting inked, but TBH your first tat should represent you fully - whether your parents get mad or not.