What Your Signature Fragrance Says About You

A signature scent is like a signature look—it defines your personality, style, and overall aura. Our sense of smell is extremely primal, meaning certain scents ellicit specific thoughts, memories, and reactions almost automatically. So when you're spritzing on that new perfume, consider the message you're trying to convey—as an integral part of personal branding, a scent can speak for you! With that in mind, what's your signature scent saying? 


Think: Grapefruits, lemons, oranges and limes

A citrus girl is energetic, lively, bright, and fresh. Optimistic, playful, and a natural morning person, you love a good brunch date. Clean and youthful, you take your skincare routine seriously. Summery and innocently cheeky, you're flirty in a natural way, brightening up any room and energizing those around you!


Think: Roses, gardenias, orchids, violets—anything that can fill a bouquet

A floral girl is darlingly feminine. Enamored by the old-fashioned, a garden party is secretly your dream occasion. You're sensible and elegant, often described as an "old soul." You're an articulate advice-giver and your inherent kindness permeates both your friendships and relationships. Labeled a "good girl," you're classic and refined (but far from dull!)—your wardrobe is full of whites and blushes. 


Think: Apples, peaches, pears, and berries

You capture the sweetness of our favorite fruits—you're bubbly and flirtatious. You embrace a berry lip and adore wine nights with the girls. You never take yourself too seriously, and serve as the life of any party you attend. While others may call you "basic" you know that you're really just a fun, pink-loving girl who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to treat herself. Cheers to that!


Think: Fresh leaves and cut grass

You chose this scent because it reminds you of your days killing it on the field. You're athletic, sporty, and beautifully natural. An outdoorsy type, your ideal weekend is spent at the lake, jumping off docks and soaking up the warm sun. This scent is extremely modern and androgynous. You wear it well, rocking menswear with sophistication and style.


Think: Clean linens and anything oceanic, airy, and refreshing

You are crisp, clean, and cool-headed. Sushi is your food of choice and blue is by far your favorite color. You're extremely efficient and motivated, speaking most often with your actions and successes as opposed to your words. 


Think: Cinnamon, vanilla, ginger and cloves

You are glowing with warmth from the inside out. You fill your days with family, friends, hugs and laughter. Cozying up by the fire under a warm quilt to watch winter's first snowfall is your favorite tradition (preferably with your significant other). You are generous, open and extremely loving.


Think: Amber, honey, and anything exotic

A go-getter and a trendsetter, you can be found searching your newest city for the best unknown and experimental eats. Your guilty pleasures are romance novels, preferably set in faraway places. You're sensual and seductive, and if you're quiet, totally mysterious. Well-traveled and adventurous, you're fearless and assertive. A smokey-eye is your signature look.


Think: Moss, musk, and woodsy scents

Dark coffee is your go-to. You're strong and intuitive, independent and thoughtful. A free spirit, you aren't afraid to challenge norms and stand up for what you believe in. Your natural, autumny scent is alluring and provocative.

While a scent can make an entrance and an impression all on its own, it's truely the wearer who determines the message that wafts through the air. Whatever your scent, embrace it! And if you're on a search for your next signature fragrance, consider your personality to decide what suits you best!