Victoria Beckham Is Creating a Skincare Line & It Sounds Posh AF

If it wasn't already exciting enough that there's been talk of a Spice Girls reunion, Victoria Beckham is launching a new skincare line! She revealed the news in a Facebook live session, reports New Beauty.

"I am currently in the process of creating my own color, my own line of skincare creams and a perfume," she says. "As a woman, I want to make the things that I need in my life, the things that are missing."

Considering how gorgeous her makeup collab with Estée Lauder back in 2016 turned out, we can only imagine how much beauty and class she'll bring to these new skincare products. While New Beauty reports that it's currently unclear whether she'll be partnering with Estée Lauder again, the possibility does sound quite promising. "I loved working with Estée Lauder. It was a huge success," she says. "It was me developing what I wanted in my makeup bag. I’m developing my own skincare and fragrance now—I make what I want in my life. It’s filling a gap."

If there's one thing for sure, it's that there's going to be a huge gap in my wallet after I throw all my money at this new line. There's nothing more fab than a good skincare routine, not to mention from Posh Spice herself!