These 2 Actors From '13 Reasons Why' Had an Adorable Spa Night Together

If you've seen the breakout Netflix hit show 13 Reasons Why, you already know that Jessica and Ryan aren't exactly BFFLs. Against the backdrop of Hannah Baker's mysterious suicide, Jessica Davis and Ryan Shaver are introduced as two students dealing with the events of the series. In real life though, Alisha Doe (Jessica), and Tommy Dorfman (Ryan) are super close, and recently chose to spend their free time away from set in the best way possible—by having a spa night.

On his Instagram story, Tommy posted this candid pic of Alisha trying not to burst out laughing with her sheet mask on. If she's anything like me, she probably started cackling anyway!

We were even blessed with a super-cute shot of Tommy and his sheet mask. Sadly, he didn't spill what brand he and Alisha were using.

Either way, this makes me want to pop on a face mask myself and invite my friends over for Netflix and tea.