Step Aside, Strobing: Draping is the Newest Beauty Trend on the Block

First it was contouring, then it was strobing—and now the latest beauty trend is draping. So say hello to this makeup technique that’s taking over the industry, and is sure to soon be flooding your Insta feed.

But before we get into the details, let’s get some background on the man who inspired the contouring that began it all. Way Bandy, a renowned makeup artist who PopSugar reports as the preferred beautician of celebs like Farrah Fawcett, Cher and Diana Ross, is known as the man who took contouring, a century-old concept, and introduced it to modern culture. His ability to create a chiseled bone stricter sans permanent alteration made him the pioneer of the contouring trend that lived beyond his years and had beauty gurus and celebrities like Kim Kardashian hooked. He first introduced the technique in the '60s because he wanted people to have the ability to “sculpt based on their unique features, not face shape, which was a revolutionary concept at the time,” according to PopSugar. Bandy passed away in 1986, but his technique has lived on.

Fast forward a few beauty trends, and you have the newest fad: draping. Although similar to contouring, it uses blush—rather than a darker shade of makeup—to create a silhouette. The result is a more natural, defined look, and it’s even been embraced by Marc Jacobs. The fashion and beauty giant, who was also friends with Bandy, is making sure to join the trend with the release of the Air Blush Soft Glow Duo ($42), which is a compact comprised of two complimentary blush hues—the perfect palate for creating your draped look.

It seems that this is the year for beauty comebacks; lipstick and lip liners were the first to hop back on the scene, and it looks like blush is on the horizon. So arm yourself with the necessary products and ready your brushes because strobing is so yesterday, and draping is taking over.