Is Strobing the New Contouring?

Strobing is the latest makeup trend that everybody has been getting hip to: our favorite beauty bloggers, top runway models, and even us at the Beauty School. We LOVE it. 

What is it?

So, what exactly is strobing? It's a way of contouring that highlights your features by using light. Instead of using a plethora of different brushes and shades, all you need is your foundation, your brush, highlighter, and a sponge. Additonally, you can get this technique down to 5 minutes: perfect for on-the-go makeup.

How do you do it?

1. Prime your face with a radiant, luminizing moisturizer or primer. And if you have oily skin, make sure it is oil-free. We want you looking radiant and dewy, not sweaty.

2. Use your favorite foundation. To avoid looking like a disco ball or hot mess, make sure your foundation and powder are on the matte side.

3. Highlight places where the light naturally hits. Cream or liquid highlighters work best. Make sure to hit these places: cheek bones, the bridge of the nose, below your brow bone, and the corners of your eyes. Feel free to add a dab to your chin, forehead, and cupid's bow on your lips for added glow (skip these if you have oily skin!)

4. Blend with a sponge! Fingers work too. Make sure your beauty sponge is damp (soak it in lukewarm water and then wring out all the water.) If you opted for powder highlighter, use a fan brush to remove excess highlighter.

5. For added oomph, brush a light layer of your favorite blush to your cheek bones. Try to make sure your blush isn't shimmery, or it'll clash with your highlighter. If you feel like you're lacking without your deeper tones, try opting for a matte bronzer.

Why is it better than contouring?

It is less time-intensive, less intense, and MUCH more natural-looking. Want to get that radiant glow that looks like it comes from within? Look no further, strobing is for you. 

Where to start?

The hardest part is choosing the perfect colors that will highlight and enhance. Try out these brands and colors to help you get started on your strobing journey.

1. If you have Fair Skin, use more champagne-pearl tones:

2. If you have Light-Medium Skin, aim for more pink champagne/peachy tones:

3. If you have Olive Skin, try to use tones that are golden:

4. If you have Dark Skin, go for tones that are more earthy and bronze: 

Are you ready to start strobing the night away? Let us know how it goes!