So Lindsay Lohan Is Launching Her Own Beauty Line, & I Have Some Thoughts

Lindsay Lohan, the queen of our childhood bops, is releasing her own makeup line, and honestly, we’re so proud of this positive comeback. The Cut explains that on January 12, Lohan went on The Wendy Williams Show to discuss her new beauty endeavors.

Part of Lohan's beauty launch will be creating a lipstick line, and on one hand, we have hundreds of lippies, liquid lipsticks and lipsticks and we probably shouldn’t buy any more. But on the other hand, we definitely need Lohan’s lipstick in our makeup drawers––because seriously, just look at this packaging! It almost makes us forget about that time she tried to defend Harvey Weinstein's actions. 

Lohan has been buzzing in the news since she proved those bankruptcy allegations wrong by buying her own freaking island, since nothing says passive-aggressive pettiness like flexing your success on your haters. If Lohan doesn't inspire you to become a makeup mogul, then you should at least aspire to be as productively petty as her.

Regardless, it’s clear that Lohan’s comeback looks good on her. We only hope we can live vicariously through her when we finally get to wear her new makeup and fragrance.

Header Image: Lindsay Lohan / Instagram