Sephora's Pocket Contour App Just Made Our Lives Easier

Contouring is easier said than done—with all the tutorials out there, you'd think that by now, we'd all have it down. But how many of you have actually given it a shot, only to end up looking your cheekbones are in all the wrong places and color that makes you look more like a clown than Kim K? Fortunately, Sephora understands our struggle, so they've launched a new app, Pocket Contour, to make sure you actually get it done right.

1. Get started

There are four different face shapes the app will help you contour: oval, square, round and heart. 

2. Provide a picture

Next, you need to take a picture. I made sure to take a picture in some good lighting and without any makeup at all. The app analyzes your face and tells you what shape you are and why. If you don't agree, you can still go back and select the face shape you feel fits you best! After clicking through, you are free to choose between 1 of 3 mediums (powder, cream, and stick) and the tutorial will walk you through how to contour using your products of choice.

3. Go through the tutorial

There are five easy steps to contouring, according to Sephora. Prep, highlight, contour, blend, and finish. As soon as you start, the app will show you exactly where to complete each step.

4. Shop

After going through the tutorial, you'll be directed to a semi-personalized website where you'll find product recommendations based on your skin tone. Further down on the page, there are video tutorials on each of the face shapes and one for your skin tone. Even further, they break down the contouring kits by the medium, so if you went with powder in the tutorial but you feel as if you want a cream, you know where to begin. Last but not least, they also include the proper type of brushes you need for your contouring journey.

If you've ever experienced any contouring struggles, give Pocket Contour a shot—and let us know what you think!