The Perfect Nude Nail Polish for Every Skin Tone

Nude nail polish is a timeless staple that anybody can wear and rock. Young and old, edgy and feminine, black and white, and anybody in between can pull off this classic look. It is all about finding the right color for you—and that's the hardest part. The perfect nude can lengthen your fingers and make them glow! Unfortunately, the wrong color will do just the opposite. Instead of getting frustrated by sampling tons of different nail polishes that all almost look the same, let us help you by giving you a great place to start.

For Light Skin

For Medium Skin

For Olive Skin

For Dark Skin

You do not have to perfectly match your nail polish to your skintone. Go a shade or two lighter or darker for an intentional by polished look. Use a shimmery, high-shine, or matte finish to show off your personality. You can even ombré your nudes if you feel so inclined. Nail polish is a style and a look that you can personalize.

What nude colors have been working for you based on your skin tone?