People Are Getting Freckles Tattooed On Their Face—Here's Why

For the longest time, women have been scrambling to find products that will lighten or cover up their freckles, often considered an "imperfection" by popular media. But now, Montreal-based tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow is shaking up the beauty world with her revolutionary tattooing technique called "freckling." Following in the footsteps of other new tattoo trends such as microblading, "freckling" involves injecting semi-permanent dye around the cheeks and nose to create natural looking faux-freckles. The freckles come out a little bumpy and swollen at first, but heal quickly (only a few hours!) to reveal a gorgeous new smattering of speckles. The freckles continue to slowly fade and only need upkeep every couple of months.


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As a freckle-face myself, I'm elated that people are starting to embrace their skin's natural textures and coloration. Will this be the start of a bigger trend in "au-natural" beauty? I hope so! More of this, please:



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