Not to Be Dramatic, But We're Obsessed With These Beauty Podcasts RN

There’s nothing like a good podcast to start your day off right. Whether you listen in on your morning commute, while you exercise, or during your lunch break, podcasts are a great alternative to music and offer the chance to learn while being super entertained. At the moment, we're so hyped for beauty podcasts.

Some share glimpses into how certain beauty companies were founded, others the science behind ingredients and how they interact with your skin. But, all offer hilarious and entertaining beauty guidance accompanied by favorite products to try. These beauty podcasts have you covered for all of the topics you could ever want to learn about.

Fat Mascara



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Hosts, friends and beauty editors, Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein have the coolest information on their podcast Fat Mascara. With guests ranging from influencers like Emily Weiss to makeup artists like Bobbi Brown, you’re guaranteed to find something you’re interested in. Featuring insider tips from across the beauty industry, these two journalists share full access and juicy knowledge with their listeners. (They're also the perfect inspiration if you’re interested in beauty writing, btw.)

Where Brains Meet Beauty

This podcast is all about the paths different people within the beauty industry have taken to reach success, and it doesn’t gloss over their struggles. Instead, Where Brains Meet Beauty covers the highs and lows of a career in beauty, but in a relaxed and approachable way. Interested in public relations, media, executive positions or any other beauty-related careers? This podcast will be chock-full of of important advice you can use to help jumpstart (or enhance) your career.

Full Coverage



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Blending together the perspectives of a professional makeup artist and a beauty junkie, hosts Harriet Hadfield and Lindsey Kelk cover everything including recent product launches, gossip, classic favorite products and more. One of their recent episodes featured an interview with Brian Underwood, the beauty director of Oprah Magazine, and the rest of their Full Coverage beauty-famous guests do not disappoint.

As a bonus, if you fall in love with the podcast, you can always get more of Harriet on her blog and YouTube channel, or check out Lindsey’s bestselling books.

At Home With



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If you’re feeling lonely, this podcast has been said to make you feel like you’re relaxing on the couch, chatting about products and life with your best girlfriends. Hosted by beauty and lifestyle content creators Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton, who are relatively famous across the internet, At Home With constantly tops the charts and features guest interviews from the comfort of their own homes. Who doesn’t love snooping just a little and getting a peek into someone else’s life? This podcast blends beauty and that little bit of nosiness we all love and crave.

Breaking Beauty

Ready to learn about the inside stories behind top beauty brands and the icons creating them? Long-time beauty editors Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins dive into the brands topping the charts, covering up-and-coming cult favorites. They also discover just how the creators broke into the industry, and what stories lie behind these products and brands. Breaking Beauty is all about giving listeners an inside look at who creates the products we love and what goes into creating iconic products and household beauty names.