The No-Makeup Makeup Look Is Still Trending

A model gets touched up before hitting the Creatures of Comfort runway

One of my favorite things about being at Fashion Week is being the first to discover trends happening before my eyes. Judging from how the first day has gone, it seems clear that the no makeup-makeup look is returning for Fall/Winter 2016—so ditch those contouring brushes, girls.

When we saw the spring and summer collections last season, it was perhaps understandable that the face might be cloaked in less makeup than usual in anticipation of the warmer months. But for the trend to carry over into winter, in my estimation, makes it more than just a seasonal choice but rather a reflection of our culture of the moment. We've slowly but surely been denouncing the heavy contouring and, if the beauty looks at Creatures of Comfort and Ulla Johnson are any indication, are moving in the direction of naturalness: rosy pinks on cheeks, eyes ever-so-slightly darkened as if one woke up that way (but in a chic, rather than scandalous, fashion), and the absence of mascara for a more youthful, uncomplicated look.

Creatures of Comfort is proof that simple is stunning

At Creatures of Comfort, makeup artist Dick Page, using Shiseido products, applied a greyish rose blush cream to the cheeks with a fluffy brush and blotted another soft rose tone on the lips. He also slightly darkened the brow. It's a look that's meant to be simply "pretty, no tricks," in his words.

We NEED this Creatures of Comfort manicure

Romy Soleimani took a similar path at Ulla Johnson using products from She chose to highlight models' beautiful, clear skin sans mascara with slightly shimmery powders, glossy lids, and tea-stained eyes. She also used nude lipsticks dabbed over with similarly-toned eyeshadows for a matte look (and yes, you can do this too! Anything that's safe for the thin skin over the eye is safe for the much thicker skin over the lips). The look, as Soleimani out it, was one of a romantic and pretty cool New York girl.

Crushing on these curls at Ulla Johnson

Of course, this is only day one so perhaps the beauty looks will change course entirely; but as of right now, you can continue to embrace your nudes and natural blushes from this winter into next.

Ulla Johnson is seriously giving us braid goals