The Natural Skincare Routine That Gave Me a Next-Level Glow

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I made recent skincare changes that have shown a massive difference in my skin, but, TBH, I’m kind of scared because every time I get excited about skincare products or routines it totally jinxes me I break out the next day. That being said, I’ve been wanting to switch to an all-natural regimen for a while now – so I finally did it and my skin has never been better! Here's what went down:

Why I went all natural 

It wasn’t that my old store-bought skincare products weren’t working for me anymore, but that I’ve been doing too much research about dangerous chemicals in beauty products to ignore them in my skincare routine any longer. I care about the food that I put in my body and I try to eat clean and nourish my body as much as possible, so why shouldn’t I feel the same way about my skincare products that I’m applying to my largest organ every single day? It seemed silly and hypocritical to me.

A couple months ago I made the switch to natural deodorant and it was a breeze, so I decided to look up simple & natural methods of washing + moisturizing my face, and every article on Pinterest was titled something like, “How I Achieved my Greatest Skin Ever” or “My Skin has Never Been Better Since Going All-Natural” so I was sold to at least trying out the all-natural method.

The Routine

Coconut oil to cleanse

I’ve always used coconut oil to moisturize my face, but I recently learned you can actually use it to ~cleanse~ your skin too. People are super afraid to put oils on their face in fear that they’ll break out in pimples, but it’s actually the opposite! Using store-bought cleansers strips your face of its natural oils, causing your face to over-produce oil, which causes breakouts (the same way washing your hair every day causes your hair to be greasier). Oil dissolves oil, so cleansing the natural oils on your face with another oil takes away the bad bacteria (the ones that cause breakouts + blackheads), and leaves an appropriate amount of oil on your face for your skin to feel soft, moisturized, and clean without stripping away the protective (and essential) layers of natural oil.

Since I started cleansing with coconut oil, I’ve noticed such a difference in the glow-level of my skin. My skin usually runs dull and dry, but it has been so dewy lately and it’s amazing. My skin feels so much more supple and alive now that it’s constantly moisturized.

Method: Wet face + take a dollop of coconut oil and massage your face for like two minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel.

Tea tree + Vitamin E oil to moisturize 

After I cleanse with coconut oil, I apply a few drops of tea tree and vitamin E oil to my face! I chose tea tree oil because I knew I was getting rid of store-bought acne fighters and I definitely didn’t want to have a break-out. Tea Tree oil has natural antiseptic properties so it’s known for being amazing at fighting acne. I never have a huge pimple problem, but my skin does get super red sometimes, and I think the tea tree has done an amazing job at keeping my complexion clear and for the most part, free of redness!

Method: After cleansing and drying my face, I apply a couple drops of tea tree oil to my face and then massage It in with my fingers. I apply it everywhere, but give a little TLC to my usual problem areas.

Rose quartz face roller 

The face roller has so many benefits, including de-puffing, smoothing skin, and preventing wrinkles. Since I’ve been using it daily, my complexion seems to be so much more even than before and it’s so easy + luxurious to use that this beauty tool is a no-brainer If you ask me.

Method: While the tea tree oil is still fresh on my face, I like to use my cold face roller to massage my face and sink the oil further into my skin so I get alllll the benefits!

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