*This* is the Most Popular Mascara Among Millennials

When it comes to makeup, there are countless options. From foundation and lipstick to brow tint and setting powder we've amassed an impressive inventory of beauty products. But not every product is a necessity, and only a few are essential to the millennial woman's daily routine. So to determine which beauty trends and products outweigh the rest, Influenster recently took a survey of over 5,000 millennial women's preferred beauty regimen. They asked about everything from nail polish colors to hair routines, and the results were somewhat surprising. They determined that mascara is the the No. 1 product of choice for women, with 35 percent saying that they couldn’t live without it. But this also begs the question as to what specific brand of mascara reigns supreme. Dior? Chanel? Nope, millennials' favorite mascara is actually Covergirl.

Covergirl Lashblast Volume Mascara, $7.99

Although this mascara choice may come as a surprise to some of the makeup gurus of the world, Covergirl’s affordable prices and overall quality give it a boost over its more expensive counterparts. Byrdie also reports that Maybelline follows up as the second favorite with Too Faced and Benefit following after. So maybe next time snag some Covergirl at the drugstore; over 1,750 women swear by it, so it's probably a good choice.