Missed Out on Kylie's Lip Kit? Try These Colors Instead

Kylie Jenner, known for those pouty lips, recently released a lip color collection that she had been teasing for a couple of months now. Within seconds, the website crashed due to the sheer volume of shoppers trying to get their hands on Kylie's coveted line. Weren't able to get one of the lip kits (and don't have the $10,000 to score a kit on eBay)? Here are our list of lip products to get that will give you that Kylie-inspired color.

From left to right, the colors are Dolce K, Candy K, and TrueBrown K.

For Dolce K, Try:

Teeny Tiny Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip ($6)

This matte shade will give you that pouty look without the (now-hefty) price tag! This long-wear color applies smoothly and won't require frequent touch-ups.

For Candy K, Try:

Bahama NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil ($26)

Part lipstick, part liner, this is the ultimate way to get Kylie lips! Overtrace the edges of your lips to give them a plumper look before filling them in. Not only is this shade rich and highly-pigmented, it's also infused with good-for-you ingredients like Vitamin E.

For TrueBrown K, Try:

Birkin Brown Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution ($32)

Charlotte Tilbury is a celeb fave, and her high end products make it clear why. Not only is this lipstick beautifully packaged, it looks so good on, too. Using Lipstick Tree and Orchid extracts, this product softens, smoothes and hydrates the lips while keeping your pout looking totally gorgeous.