10 Beauty Instagram Accounts I Look to When I'm Dry on Inspiration

With finals looming and last-minute projects due, there is basically no time to scroll through your feed for beauty inspiration or sit at your vanity practicing makeup looks. At this point in the semester, it’s almost not worth the extra effort to even curl your lashes. Before you sweep that hair up in another messy bun and book it to the library, give these Instagram accounts a follow. They are just what you need to get that beauty spark back after a long semester of cram sessions and all nighters.

  1. This account gives me inspiration on the daily. From skincare, to makeup, to hair, this community has all the content you could dream of. They even post the occasional funny beauty meme, which is a bonus in my book.

  2. Ryley Isaac posts makeup tutorials, skincare reviews, product trials and of course, bomb selfies. She also has a YouTube Channel with 24K subscribers, which means her advice is totally credible. You’re going to want to follow this queen.

  3. Whenever I need a little hairspiration, I give Emrah Demirci’s feed a scroll. This account is a must-follow if you’ve got a hair appointment coming up and want to change up your look.

  4. Zohra is always killing the ‘gram with her fun, colored hair and soft, glowy makeup. She also posts the occasional short tutorial video, which usually ends with me adding soemthing in my Ulta Beauty shopping cart. 

Now that we’re all feeling a brand new wave of motivation to show up to the last few weeks of class serving absolute looks, we will probably do better on our finals too. Look good, feel good right? While you’re busy snapping those dorm room selfies, don’t forget to show us your beauty ‘grams with the hashtags #HCBeautyMark and #honeymoment