I Tried A DIY Rainbow Nose Peel & Here’s What It Did To My Blackheads

Instagram is absolutely ablaze with random and funky beauty trends these days. Most beauty fanatics are no stranger to blackhead nose peels, which are good for your pores and ridiculously satisfying to pull off of your face. But if you want to add a twist to your normal beauty regimen and/or celebrate Pride Month, you can try this DIY rainbow nose peel and really kick things up a notch or two!

Every Friday, I take over the Her Campus Instagram Story and host Today in Weird Beauty, a series where I tackle unique beauty hacks or treatments that I come across on the internet. When I saw this DIY rainbow nose peel, I knew that I had to try it!

Your average nose strip is used to remove blackheads and any unwanted gunk from your nose and the surrounding areas. My initial thoughts were that it would be so satisfying to pull off of my face, that it was so pretty, and that it was a perfect way to add a little fun to my beauty routine. Why not give it a try? 

Here’s how it went down.

To start, you’ll need these items:

  • Any sort of glue that’s not too strong (I used Elmer’s glue)
  • Acrylic paint in whichever assortment of colors you please
  • A paint brush for each color of paint you’re using

Next, definitely make sure that you have no makeup on! You want it to be totally clean so that the peel can settle into your pores. After that, I mixed each color of acrylic paint with a little section of the glue. At this point, I had five different colors of acrylic paint mixed with glue. I then wet my paint brush and picked one of the colors to paint a vertical stripe down the side of my nose. I repeated this step with every color until I had a rainbow across my nose!

Here’s what happened.

Before putting the peel on my face, I was honestly kind of nervous because I felt like the glue was going to be too strong and damaging to my skin. However, that wasn’t the case at all! It was actually super gentle and I probably could have applied it more generously. Applying it was really easy and I used a different paint brush for each color stripe in order to make sure the colors didn’t run together.

On my face, it felt like a totally normal peel. I could feel it hardening and seeping into my pores. When it finally dried and I began to peel it off, it wasn’t as durable, but that may have been my fault because I applied it pretty lightly. I would say to make sure you apply a few heavy layers so that when you peel it off, it comes off in one piece. Mine broke into a few pieces as I was peeling it off, but it wasn’t too much of an issue. As I was removing it, my skin felt the tug of the glue and for that reason it felt just like a normal pore strip – but the results weren’t as impressive.

Overall, making the peel and using it was super easy and I think anyone could do it. I would recommend it for a fun activity with some friends, but if you’re really trying to clean out your pores I would suggest something more heavy-duty. Pro tip: If you really, really have some serious gunk to get out of your face, use something specifically for the task. But if you're just looking for something fun and IG-ready, I for one totally dig this ~adventure~ into the land of weird beauty. 

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