How to Keep Your Summer Tan

So you’re still beautifully bronzed after spending most of your summer in the sun, but no one wants to go back to being pale again! Everyone loves having a bit of color, and let’s not lie: we all want to be the most tanned of our group of friends. So, at this time of year a faded tan becomes our biggest enemy. If you’re looking to make your summer tan last for as long as possible then be sure to check out our top tips here:

  1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

There’s no better way to keep your summer tan than to moisturize regularly. It works by making sure your skin is hydrated and so that it doesn’t flake or peel off (gross!). This will not only prolong your gorgeous color but it will also give you beautiful soft skin. When the summer weather starts to fade make sure you moisturize after every shower, and if you really want to keep your tan, you’re going to need to moisturize twice a day.

  1. Continue to wear sunscreen.

If you go to college where it’s sunny (jealous!) then be sure to continue to wear an SPF factor on your skin. You don’t want to dry your skin out, or for it become damaged by the sun, so you need to continue to protect your skin. Wearing an SPF on both your face and your body is super important! Not only does this mean that your tan will last well into the winter season but it also means that your skin is protected in the long term: don’t miss out this step, collegiettes!

  1. Hydrate yourself as well as your skin.

Scientists now believe that hydrating your body by drinking lots of water is not only good for you, but extends skin cell life too! This means that the skins cells with lovely colored tan that you want to keep will hang around for longer, meaning that you look like you have a gorgeous all-year round tan.

  1. Exfoliate your skin before sun exposure.

If you’re still in the sun at this point in the year be sure to exfoliate your skin daily before exposure. This means that all the dead skin cells are taken off before you exposure your lovely skin to the sun. Don’t exfoliate after sun exposure or you’ll just take all those tanned skin cells off!

  1. When in doubt…Fake it!

Okay, we’ve all been there… Your tan is fading, you wished you were a bit more bronzed and your tan lines aren’t as good as they used to be. There’s only one thing for it: it’s time to get the fake tan out. Whether you choose to use a bronzing moisturizing lotion or an instant fake tan product, sometimes it just has to be done! Make sure you check out the 7 best self-tanners under $20 – and how to apply them here.

Fall doesn’t have to mean the end of your tan, as long as you follow these simple steps! And the best bit? It’s not even difficult!