How to Get Stronger Nails

Although girls the world over get mocked for crying, “Oh no, I’ve just broken a nail!”, there’s no denying that it’s super frustrating. There are really simple, collegiette-friendly ways to get stronger nails – and they don’t involve having weekly manicures or spending a fortune on nail products. Follow these tips and you’ll have strong, healthy, and pretty nails just in time to head back to college!

Tip #1: Wear a Base Coat

There’s no reason to have your nails manicured or even to have a color polish on your nails at all times, but using a base coat on a regular basis can make a real difference. It gives you an extra layer of protection, especially since many base coats are now designed to help strengthen your nails. We love this Sephora Collection 3 in 1 Perfecting Base Coat ($6) as it doesn’t just help strengthen your nails, but it also helps to smooth and protect them.

Tip #2: Improve Your Diet

This is an old tip, but a good one. The best way to take care of your outside is to start by taking care of your insides. For your nails, the best way to do this is to up your calcium intake. Be sure that you supplement your diet with Omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamins A, B, and D. You should be able to find these in vitamin supplements if you don’t think you have them in your diet already. 

Tip #3: Don’t Do the Dishes With Bare Hands

Make sure you don’t do the dishes without wearing rubber gloves; not so attractive, but super practical. This will lessen your hands’ exposure to chemicals, which will instantly make a difference in your nails. Also, you should moisturize your hands after doing any dishes or doing any work with your hands if you’re looking to take care of both your hands and nails.

Tip #4: File Your Nails in One Direction

If you’re in the habit of filing your nails in both directions, then you need to stop immediately! Or worse, if you’re not filing your nails at all and just clipping them instead, then you want to start doing this pronto. Filing your nails in one direction can help stop them from splitting and allow them to get stronger. Choose a fine grain emery board and be gentle with your nails.

Tip #5: Buff Your Nails

You can now get great products that allow you to file, buff, polish, and shine your nails all in one; these are really worth investing in. For example, this Sephora Colorful Nail Buffer is only $8 and can help you really improve the quality and strength of your nails. Buffering your nails will help remove ridges and avoids the need for chemical-heavy treatments.

There’s no longer an excuse for having weak nails, collegiettes! Just follow these quick and easy tips and your nails will be looking gorgeous in no time.