How to Get Katniss Everdeen’s Effortless Look

It's officially Hunger Games week! Yes, the much-anticipated, Catching Fire premieres on Friday and we can't wait! To gear up for the big night, we figured it was about time we learned to master the Katniss Everdeen look.

Who doesn’t love this effortless look with a side swept braid and minimal makeup? Seriously glad we are imitating Katniss and not Effie Trinket...

This look can be worn everywhere from the classroom, to dinner with friends, and even out to a party — or most importantly, when you get to see the movie on the big screen. Sadah Saltzman – a stylist at Salon AKS’ in New York City – shares her tips for achieving Katniss’ beautiful braided hair and natural makeup.



Saltzman describes Katniss’ braid as the reverse of a French braid (also known as a Dutch braid). So, follow the steps below to achieve the look!

  1. Because it is a reverse braid, when you’re braiding your hair you will want to be pulling the pieces under each other – not over, the way you do when you normally French braid.
  2. Part your hear slightly on the right side of your head so that when your braid is completed, a few pieces of hair are softly falling around your face.
  3. Start braiding at the left side of your head and continue the braid diagonally across from the top left down to the bottom right.
  4. Tame any unwanted flyaways, and you’re done!



Saltzman notes that Katniss’ makeup is clean and natural, so you don’t want to be packing on too many products to get her look.

  1. Use a tinted moisturizer to even our your complexion.
  2. Blend a sheer, brightening concealer under your eyes to make them look bright and awake.
  3. Dust bronzer over your cheeks and top of your fore head to add warmth and dimension to your skin.
  4. Add a cream blush to the apples of your cheeks – a rosy color will look most natural!
  5. For eyes, simply curl your lashes and add a lengthening mascara to make them look bigger.
  6. Using a clear eyebrow gel, groom your eyebrows to keep them in place.
  7. Lastly, to add some color to your lips, simply apply a rosy tinted balm!

After these simple steps, you'll be looking like J.Law's long lost sister and you'll be ready for the November 22 premiere!