Glossier's Newest Launch Is Supposed to Clear Up Acne, & We're So Curious

Glossier, the cool girl brand of skincare and makeup, has proven time and time again that it's more than just pretty packaging. Glossier's newest product, mysteriously named "Solution," is no exception, since it's basically a holy grail for babes that suffer from acne, redness and discoloration.   

Solution is a liquid exfoliator that promises to be the solution to your acne and blackheads, including reducing redness, improving pores, and helping you achieve a dewy AF glow. This skin perfecter contains lactic, glycolic, salicylic acid and polyhydroxy acid to help aid your skin. In case you’re not a science major, these ingredients are designed to exfoliate and unclog without irritating us ladies that have sensitive skin. Shereene Idriss, a cosmetic dermatologist, told Cosmopolitan that “AHAs can work wonders for those with acne or hyperpigmentation, since they dissolve the glue that holds the superficial skin cells together, making them powerful exfoliators. They also help reduce photodamage and can help clear acne-causing bacteria deep within your pores."

The best way to approach a liquid exfoliator, especially since it contains acid actives, is to use only it two or three times a week, ideally at night to clean up your skin after a long day of gunk buildup. But hey, a skincare product that works and sounds incredibly easy to use? We can't say "add to cart" fast enough. 

Glossier also shared a before-and-after shot on Instagram that has us convinced Solution is magic bottled.

It seems like 2018 could actually be the year of uncomplicated skincare and perfect skin! Pick your bottle of Solution for $24 at Glossier now.